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5 Things to know about Digital MM

1) Who is Digital MM?

We are a team of three creative individuals who met while completing a Master of Science in Digital Marketing at Technological University Dublin. Although we came with different skillsets, experiences and from different backgrounds – Creative Media, Digital Marketing and Computer Science – we share a passion for all things creative and digital! We are very excited to be working with TU Dublin on their upcoming project – National European CAse Study Alliance (ECASA) – a project that promotes collaborative case writing from member European Universities!

2) We are passionate about digital!

We each have gained valuable experience in recent years, working within digital development and digital marketing roles. Together, we formed Digital MM, a creative media and digital development studio that works with local brands to improve their online services. The digital landscape is complex and fast-paced, which can be daunting to overcome. We are here to help simplify your digital efforts! We help choose and implement the right digital tools to help your business grow online .

3) What services do we provide?

We help brands get online professionally and affordably! Our core services include website design, digital development, digital marketing and social media marketing. We have worked with some amazing, local brands and are looking forward to helping many more improve their online services. We utilise a diverse variety of marketing platforms, tools and strategies to ensure you are achieving your desired results!

Website Design

We are a full-service website design and development studio specialising in user-experience design and custom functionality sites.  We offer competitive quotes with no hidden fees – packages include SEO and mobile optimisation.

Digital Marketing

We find the right audience that will appreciate and react to your digital marketing efforts, helping achieve your goals and accelerate your business. Services include content writing, email marketing, keyword research, retargeting, paid search & SEO.

Social Media

Social platforms provide brands with the perfect tools to increase online visibility and establish a community of brand-loyal followers. Our packages are diverse, including content creation and sponsored content, prices start at €300 p/m.

4) Up to 20% off Web Design & Digital Marketing Services

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and recent lockdown restrictions on SME’s, many local brands are being overshadowed by larger corporations with established online communities and processes readily available to their customers. To help local brands get online faster, we will be running a Special Offer next week – offering up to 20% off all core services booked before December 1st.  We also are working with the Trading Online Retail Scheme to help smaller businesses get online in an affordable fashion with up to €2,500 available off your eCommerce website.

5) Our mission - Augmented Reality Marketing

While immersed in our studies, we learned of Augmented Reality (AR) technology by completing an extra credit module in Immersive Technology at Technological University Dublin. AR introduced us to new forms of interactive technology that although is widely available, it is not yet widely adopted. After completing valuable research on the technologies efficiency in marketing, we realized its potential to revolutionize the marketing industry, as-well-as its potential for mass adoption. From there, we gained experience working with AR in Ireland and Internationally by collaborated directly with Augmented Reality brands. Recently, we began developing AR applications to be used for marketing activities which we are excited to showcase early next year!

Visit our website and see how Digital MM can help you grow your business online!

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