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New website design – Newbridge FETC

We developed a new website for Newbridge Further Education & Training Centre. The centre’s ethos is built on mutual respect for students and staff, with a focus on building a range of skills to help students to gain employment or simply improve computer skills or specific vocational skills in their chosen area of study.

Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board is the main provider of adult learning in Kildare and Wicklow. Throughout the counties there is a wide variety of adult education services on offer.

Website Design by Digital MM for Newbridge FETC

The challenge

Newbridge FETC contacted Digital MM to develop a new website that showcased the courses available at the centre. The objective from the centre was to build a user-friendly website that provided relevant course materials to users and permit applicants to apply for a course directly through the website.

We worked with management in different sectors of the centre to gain a deep understanding of what was required from the site.

Services provided: Website Design, User-Experience Design, Mobile optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Custom Development.


Website Design by Digital MM for Newbridge FETC

“The Newbridge Further Education and Training Centre management team contacted Digital MM to develop a new website. Anthony created our website based on the design specifications requested in a timely and efficient manner. Anthony was professional, proactive, and accommodating with all aspects of the service provided.
I would confidently recommend Digital MM for all website design and digital marketing services.”

Roy Brennan, Adult Literacy Organiser, KWETB.

New website design – Results

We designed a highly visual new website for the centre with a simple user experience that focuses on providing relevant information to the user. Our custom design uses a colour-coded layout with sitemap breadcrumbs to highlight the different programs on offer. The layout incorporates high-quality images and information hierarchies to ensure navigating the site is easy and reduces the amount of clicks necessary travelling through the site.

We worked closely with the team at Newbridge Further Education and Training Centre to develop the new website, ensuring our set objectives were completed on time.

We are very pleased to continue working with Newbridge FETC and we are extremely grateful to Darryl, Roy and Rachael for their help throughout the project.

Website Design by Digital MM for Newbridge FETC
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